Necessary skills...
to be a successful lawyer.

Student Programs

At Marler Law Firm students are exposed to every aspect of litigation and provided with the skills necessary to be a successful lawyer.

  • Niagara College internship
  • Thomas M. Cooley Externship
  • Halton Catholic District School Board Co-op
  • Thomas Merton Summer Co-op Program

Skills Developed:

  • Drafting
  • File and practice management
  • Problem analysis
  • Legal research
  • Writing
  • Fact Investigation

Intern/ Co-op Placements 2011/2012

We are accepting applications for the 2011/2012 period. Please provide a cover letter, resume and transcripts. Your application should be sent to the attention of Jonathan Marler,

Thomas Merton Summer Co-op Program offers:

  • Hands-on experience in the Canadian job market
  • Chances to explore a career path
  • Earns credits towards a Secondary School diploma
  • Classroom theories are integrated with practical experience in the workplace
  • 90 hours on the job for one credit co-op
  • 190 hours on the job for two credit co-op
  • Opportunity to lighten course load for following years
  • Something to do with your summer vacation
  • Rewarding, free and intriguing alternative to a summer camp


‘The extensive practical hands-on experience I received during my summer co-op placement at Marler Law Firm resulted in an exceptional opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to a workplace setting. Everyone at Marler Law Firm included me in their work activities exposing me to many aspects of the practice. I was able to attend court and meetings with clients providing me with the opportunity to see how my assignments impacted the clients in the courts. For example, I edited a legal settlement and then attended the court date to see the file settle. It was great to have a lawyer to mentor me and provide training for all my assignments. It was a fantastic experience! The on-the-job training is the best way to learn’ – Nicole Morris, 17

Thomas M. Cooley Externship:

  • Dynamic hands-on learning environment study
  • Students may earn up to 10 academic credits
  • Given regular feedback about their job performance
  • Provided with insight into the professional obligations of being an attorney
  • A partnership between students, practicing attorneys, and faculty
  • Join in a private meetings with a Cooley faculty members to discuss and reflect upon throughout process